Sunday, September 23, 2012

Things are Breaking Down!

This has been a really busy week for us. Last Saturday morning the Humanitarian couple, Elder and Sister Cook, who lived in the downstairs apartment moved out to Suriname to do projects there for the next 4 months, so we decided to move into their apartment.  It is only half the size of the upstairs, but it has a nice outdoor area with two storage sheds and it is  easier to keep cool. 
On Thursday, we picked up the new couple missionaries,  Elder and Sister Beecher, who are taking over the PEF and Employment responsibilities so we will be able to focus more on the mission finances and the missionaries.  The Cooks only had one day to pack and go, so we spent several evenings cleaning both the upstairs and the downstairs apartments.  We are still working on the downstairs, but we are almost there.
The Elders have given us calls several times this week because of things breaking down in their apartments.  The Elders in Diamond only had one burner working on their propane stove, so we took some oven spray and cleaned it up, but we could only get two working.  Then on Thursday, the same elders called and told us that their fan had quit on them, so Elder Beutler took them one from another apartment.  Then on Friday night the Elders in Alboeystown (pronounced All Boys Town) called to say that their refrigerator had quit.  We had one of the members who is an electrician look at it yesterday and he said that he could repair it but it would cost 100 dollars US to fix. Finally last night, the zone leaders in Kitty called looking for a portable DVD player that the mission is supposed to have for training new Elders. We have no idea where that went. 
Last week,our mission president's wife sent us an email informing us that we need to give her an update on all of the things that need repaired in the missionaries apartments,  I hope she will be ready for the report from Guyana.  There are issues in all six apartments here.
We are getting more piano students all the time.  We have 10 in the Georgetown branch and our District President here would like us to make a schedule to start going to the other branches so that we can teach as many as possible.  That is one of the most rewarding things that we have done so far.  The only young people that play at all only play with one finger and most of them do not sing parts or lead music.  We hope that in one year's time, we an get them to the point where they can atleast play the easy hymns in the beginners book.
Well, it is time to get ready for Church so we will sign off for now.  Thanks Mary and Carolyn for the news from Idaho.  We were so sad to hear of Murray Sears sudden death.  We, like Wayne and Carolyn, sure didn't think that he was one of the ones that would be gone when we returned home from our mission.  We will miss him, too.                                   
Love From Elder and Sister Beutler
PS Lois and Joel,  Best wishes as you head on your mission this next week to the Kirtland Ohio area.

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