Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Summer Never Ends!

Dear family and friends,

We have really enjoyed hearing from so many of you during this past month.  Mary and Aneesa keep us up to date on the community events but unless we get letters from you we don't know what is happening in your individual lives.

 We are still enjoying the rainy season.  It clouds up almost every afternoon and gives us some rain to cool things off.  I remember last year when September and October rolled around,  there was very little rain and it was a humid 95 degrees every afternoon.  We expect that it will happen again, but maybe we are better adjusted to the climate this time around.

This past week was transfer week and though it was going to be easier that usual, it turned out more complicated because one of the elder had to have an emergency transfer.  We had to make adjustments on this end.  We have five mini-missionaries this transfer so we had to move almost every companionship around. A mini-missionary is one who is only 17 or 18 and is called from his branch to serve for just one transfer.  He serves with a full-time missionary and does all the same things. Several of our mini-missionaries serve multiple mini-missions before they are finally called as full- time missionaries. This is just one more thing we can do to get more missionaries in the area, so that we don't go over our 20 foreign missionary limit.  

Last night we had a great experience, as always, with our district young single adults.  We had a pizza night where they learned how to make pizza's from scratch, how to decorate cakes with fresh fruit, and how to do some art work with metal. 

One of the young women asked for a blessing before the night was over.  She is a student in a University in Canada.  She lives with her Hindu father up there and he strongly opposes her activity in the church.  Her mother and step-father live here in Guyana and she has been here for the past two months during summer break from school.  She wanted the blessing to help her have the strength to face the challenges of going back to live with her father in Canada.   She actually expressed the desire to be a full-time missionary.  

We are continually amazed at the strength of some of our young people here. They just need the hope that the gospel brings that they can rise above the circumstances which  they are faced with, especially the poverty because of the low pay so many receive in their jobs.

Carolyn and Wayne, we are praying that you will be able to stay healthy enough to finish your mission.  Thanks all for the birthday wishes. 
Love, Elder and Sister Beutler

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