Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dear family, 
We have been in the Carribean for 2 weeks now and are beginning to learn our responsibilities here.  We were trained to do the perpetual education fund and the employment center. We are also supposed to help with the young single adults.  Since we arrived, however, we have been learning the mission office duties for the country of Guyana.  The couple we are replacing there have been on their mission for 2 years and 3 months.  They are actually native to Guyana, the first native Guyana couple to serve a senior mission, Elder and Sister Benn.  He was called to be the district president a few months ago, so he has been doing the mission and the district for several months. 
As you can imagine, with our less than perfect computer skills, this has been a little overwhelming to be responsible for so many things which all require good computer skills.  The up side of it is that the Guyana area is not that large in church membership yet.  There are only 26 young people in the whole country who are doing PEF so far, and we have many people who can help.  There is an area committee called to help carry out the responsibilities on making sure that the young people get their loans and pay them back.
Yesterday, we received an email from Sister Rees, who is the Carribean area music chairman.  She wanted to know about the music skills in the Guyana area.  She asked us to find out what branches need keyboards and who can play.  If the other branches are anything like ours, we are really hurting.  We have one keyboard in the chapel and no one to play it.  The music director turns on some pre-recorded hymns for prelude, and then turns it off and leads the opening, sacrament, and closing hymns with no accompaniment for those.  I feel like that is something that we could really help with.  The music directors both did a good job of leading the music and I am sure that there are other young people who would have the ability to learn to play. 
It seems that couple missions are all about learning what the Lord wants you to do and teaching what you are good at. 
We love you all and appreciate our wonderful family. 
 Love from Elder and Sister Beutler

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