Sunday, November 4, 2012

Transfer week was horrendous

What started out as a well organized week turned into a challenging one pretty quickly.  We started out on Monday doing the weekly financial report and inspecting missionary apartments. Things went well as planned that day.
Then on Tuesday, we went to check on an apartment that the elders left empty in September, to make sure that it was livable for the new ones coming in this transfer.  It was a mess.  The other senior couple volunteered to help clean it up and the 4 of us worked for a couple of hours to get it ready for the new elders.  That will never happen again.  Next transfer we will make sure that every apartment is inspected to see that it is clean and ready for the next set of elders.  
On Wednesday, we had 7 elders coming in to be picked up from the airport.  We had volunteers picking them up and the first 4 made it on time.  But the last three were late.  Two of them were 3 hours later that expected, and the third one didn't make it until the following morning.  Then two of them didn't have their luggage and that didn't arrive until the next afternoon.  

My responsibility was to have meal for them when they came in.  I decided to make chicken soup for the 12 people that were involved, but I ended up serving more like 24 people, so I had to go home and make more soup for the ones that were late, because we ran out with the first group.  We played catch up on Friday because we were running around so much on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  

We had some really nice discussions with a family in the Demerara area.  They consist of a father, mother, daughter and 2 grandchildren who are learning about the church and making some big commitments.  They have not gone to church yet though and so they don't know any members to fellowship them.  We are thinking that maybe the elders need to take branch members to meet them instead of us so that they will feel more comfortable coming to church.

Elder Beutler has been helping in the teachers quorum for the past couple of weeks.  There are some good young men in the branch, but not enough Priesthood leaders to teach them.

Roxane, we enjoyed your letter and all the news from the ward.  I remember meeting your mother's friend and am so happy that she is now a member of the church.  What a great thing for her.  Please send Lisa our love.  I just admire her for continuing to serve as she does.  

This is Elder Beutler speaking. I pray all is well with everyone at home. Amy we especially pray for your health and strength and that you can put your might, mind and strength into missionary work. I sense that is what you are doing. I miss being a full time teaching missionary. It has been hard for me to accept that most of my time is taken up doing office work and supporting the young Elders.I plan to organize my time a little better and get more involved supporting the Georgetown Branch we have been attending. There are 12 to 15 Melchizedek  Priesthood holders but only four or five that are committed to holding a calling that require weekly attendance. There is a real need for support. We have some visiting teaching but very little home teaching. So there is plenty to do.

Roxane, I also enjoyed your letter. I was so pleased when Wesley was called to be the Bishop because he has such a passion for the youth and has high expectations for each of them. The youth need adults who believe in them and expect them to learn to live all the commandments. It is so much easier for youth to walk the straight and narrow path through their teenage years than to stray and then try to come back later. They need all the support they can get to stay on the correct path. Someone needs to be there at every bend and encourage them on their way.(A caring Bishop, a teacher, a friend, a coach, but mostly a parent) There is nothing more important than guiding our youth aright. Wesley, what a great opportunity you have.

Amy, we love you and pray for you.  Love,  Elder and Sister Beutler

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