Sunday, November 11, 2012

Visit from Jared and Deborah

We were really excited this week because Deborah and Jared were coming to visit.  We expected them on Thursday morning but their connecting flight in New York was cancelled due to a bad winter storm, so they ended up coming this morning and are staying a couple of days longer until next Sunday morning.  It was so good to get them here.  We are planning to take a three day trip to the interior  of Guyana.  One of the members here is Amerindian and has relatives in the interior and he knows his way around pretty well so he is going to take us there.  We hope that the office and the elders can survive for a few days without us.
We worked really hard during the past three days making sure the office work was finished so that we could leave.  This week has been a good one.  We have a few more people interested in learning the piano.  My hope is that some of them will actually progress enough to be able to play hymns for church by the time that we leave here.  You can imagine my surprise and pleasure when Jared and Deborah opened a box with three keyboards in it that had been given to them for us to use with the members. Eve and Nathan, please thank Jenny and Matthew for being one of the donors.  That will be a great gift to the members here.  Also I was so pleased to see the piano books from Jacob and Aneesa.  They are perfect.  What a nice present from all of you.  

Deborah also brought a refurbished sewing machine for me to use for sewing and repair things.  Dad is joking that I am going to set up housekeeping so well that I will never leave Guyana.  I can assure you that it will never happen.  As much as I enjoy homemaking activities, my greatest love is and always will be our own family and the gospel that unifies and brings us all together.

One of the highlights of this month was going into Primary and being able to help the children practice the songs for the Sacrament Meeting Presentation.  They sang and did their scriptures and talks this morning and they sounded really good.  There are some really great children here in the branch.

Amy, we pray for you every day and hope that you are having success and that your testimony is growing in leaps and bounds as you teach the gospel to the people in Pohnpei.  

Love to all of you from  Mom and Dad

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