Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Activities

Dear children and grandchildren,

This week we spent the majority of our free time helping the landlord of one of the missionary apartments fix it up so that it was more liveable for the elders.  There were several holes in the wood floor where mice could come in and several of the fixtures needed to be replaced, the kitchen faucet, bathroom shower head, toilet screws, water filter hose, etc.  It was a huge project but it is looking much better and hopefully will be a healthier apartment to live in now.  
Last night we were invited to attend the Demerara branch talent show and Christmas party.  It was really quite amazing.  There were atleast 30 individuals or groups who participated.  The cultural diversion of the branches here is quite amazing.  The people performed hindu dances, african spiritual dances, sang soul music, did rap dancing, and read some great poetry.  One talented man dressed up as a Jamaican beggar and gave a humorous speak in Jamaican Creole about why he was a beggar, it was all his country's fault.  We were asked to do a number, so Dad played "Danny Boy" on his harmonica and then I sang while he played "Oh Susanna" and "When it's Springtime in the Rockies"   I was surprised when most of the people joined in the chorus of "Oh Susanna"   with me.  They know that one.

The branch served Chicken Curry and Roti (a flat pastry like bread)  after the entertainment.  I didn't feel very well in the middle of the night and I wondered if it was the food.  But I am okay now.  So if it was food poisoning, it was a very mild case.  

Today we attended the Demerara branch to witness the confirmation of our converts, Paul and Carla.  It was good to be there with them.  They have the potential of being really good members of the church.  Well, not much left to say to you.  Our branch is having its talent show this Saturday and they want us to participate there also. If any of you have any suggestions for us please let us know.  Love Mom and Dad

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