Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Week Before Christmas

Dear family,

This week we did all of our usual work in the office, took a missionary to the airport to go home to Salt Lake City,  and had our Wednesday and Thursday piano nights.

I was running a slight fever for most of the week, so I wasn't working quite as well as usual, but by Friday I was feeling like Dad and I should have some stress free time to buy something for each other for Christmas.  So, off we went to the middle of the city to look.  I thought that I wanted some new running shoes and I wanted to buy Dad a new drill.  We looked for over 2 hours and the price for shoes was over 100 US dollars.  I just couldn't get myself to spend that much money for shoes.  The drill was expensive too.  

After two hours of shopping we came home with a new wooden broom handle, a watermelon, some cucumbers, some tomatoes, and bora(which is a Guyanese vegetable that is similar to green beans).  Then we came home and watched "It's a Wonderful Life".  It was really a nice evening for me, even if we didn't get each other presents.

Then on Saturday, I spent the morning making rolls, banana bread, and pumpkin bread to feed the young Elders for our Christmas Eve party tomorrow.  Dad went with the Elders to close up an apartment which we quit renting, unless we are able to get more elders in Guyana.

Now this Sunday evening, we are really looking forward to speaking with Amy tomorrow and hope to get good reception on the computer, so that we can communicate.  

We love all of you and look forward to seeing you all.  Love, Mom and Dad

PS: Mlssionary wise this has been an eventful week. Last night the Elders assigned to our branch baptised Jean Pierre Antone ________ I spoke at the batismal service and Sister Beutler played the piano. Jean is 17 years old and has the potential of becoming a solid priesthood holder and missionary.

The humanitarian Missionaries are working with a Chaplin from the Church of Christ to remodel an old police acedemy into a community center to teach job skills, self reliance and health/nutrition to community members. I had the opportunity to give him a Book of Mormon. Two days later he called to tell how much he enjoyed read Alma and that it corrisponded very closely with the four Gospels. We have met with him a couple of times and are anxious to where it all ends up. He has a friend that he wants us to meet tomorrow and give a Book of Mormon.

The gospel of Jesus Christ as restored in these last days is true. It's great to serve the Lord full time. Elder Beutler 

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