Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another Week in Guyana

Dear Family and Friends

It seems like January is flying by so quickly.  We had senior couples conference the first week of the month and then had to take two sets of elders to Suriname to renew visas the second and third weeks and now this week is transfer week once again.  This time we are losing one of the couples and 5 elders, with 5 more elders coming in.  The couple replacing our senior couple won't be here for 4 weeks but we did meet them on skype last week.  They are from North Carolina.  They talk with Aunt Joyce's cute little southern accent and their names are Joe and Lois Carter.  That was a surprise to hear their first names, so similar to Uncle Joel and Aunt Lois!
There is never a dull moment when it comes to missionary apartments.  They either don't have the items they need, or they are broken down.  When one of the companionships complained about how the sister missionaries had these wonderful apartments in Trinidad, I told them about Amy's tiny apartment and how she didn't even have a stove that worked.  They quit complaining pretty quickly.  It does seem a little bit unfair that in Trinidad, the apartments are modern but in Guyana we are still getting there.  Third world countries are a great challenge for them to keep them humble, I guess. Amy, try spraying your stove with oven cleaner, since it may just be plugged with grease so that the propane is not coming through.

This weekend was area conference for us.  We had speakers from the district for the evening meetings yesterday and then today the satellite broadcast from Salt Lake City.  We listened to Rosemary Wixon, the General Primary president, David Beck, the Young Men's President, Elder Zwick from the seventy and Elder Russell M. Nelson, from the quorum of the twelve apostles.  It is so wonderful to have these broadcasts.  It is like attending our own personal general conference.  It is also wonderful for these people to meet together with other members from other small branches so that they don't feel so isolated in their desire to live their religion.  Strength comes as they meet with  others who are trying to live the gospel.

We are doing great health-wise.  The weather is always, always in the 70's in the morning and in the 80's in the afternoon. We have forgotten how it feels to be cold, but we do miss the snow, the mountains, and the 4 seasons. We do not miss flu season, however.  Love to all of you back home,  Sincerely, Elder and Sister Beutler

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