Sunday, June 9, 2013

Transfer Week

Dear Family,  Wow this has been a really hectic transfer week. all 10 companionships have new companions.  We had five elders leave the country, and 4 new ones come in.  We also had two mini missionaries, which are young men who are not yet old enough for a regular mission replace two of the full-time missionaries.  The young missionaries serve for only 6 weeks and then return to their families.
Besides moving the missionaries to their new apartments, we had two sets of missionaries who are moving into totally new apartments.  The old apartments were needing to be renovated because of not being up to standard.  

Our mission president really feels that the Guyana apartments are way below standard.  He would like to see them all in new apartments but good apartments are really hard to find without paying dearly for them.  We did find one for $400 a month that is really in good shape.  I hope that the young elders will take good care of it.

Yesterday, the Church sponsored Family Awareness Week.  We had a program yesterday to introduce the events of the week.  There were several dignitaries from other religions.  We had the leader of  the opposition party speak and also the Mayor of Georgetown.  

I really enjoyed the mayor's talk.  He was adamant that we as a church need to stand up and condemn leaders in the government when they break the law in relation to their immoral private conduct, and not just ignore it  It was interesting to note that he has two children living in the United States who are members of the church. 

His talk reminded me of the time when President Clinton was condemned for his adulterous behavior when he was the President of the United States.  It is pretty common for the leaders here to have the same kind of problems and nobody really thinks much about it.

This coming week we are going to be involved in three exhibitions about the family, a health fair, two service projects and two firesides.  One of the firesides is entitled "marriage and family, real life experiences" and the other is "preparing for marriage".  It is going to be a busy week.  

Dear children and grandchildren, as you meet together for the Beutler family reunion, please know how much we love all of you and would love to be there.  Maybe we can skype and see all of you together during the weekend. Please continue to love and enjoy each other and have a wonderful reunion.  Love, Mom and Dad

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