Sunday, March 10, 2013

Life is not slowing down here

Dear family,

After the vision project, I expected a somewhat normal week, but no, that did not happen.  We did our office work all day on Monday, and half of Tuesday, then went to Lindon (1 1/2 hours drive) to help the missionaries teach Brother Featherstone on Tuesday afternoon, then back to Georgetown for piano lessons.  Then on Wednesday at 4;30 AM we headed to Surname with three elders to renew their visas.  That was a long, long day.  Then on Thursday and Friday we played catch-up at the office.  Friday evening, we helped the Beechers direct a play practice with the young single adults in our district for three hours.  Finally on Saturday, we went to a baptism and then back to Lindon to teach Brother Featherstone again. Needless to say, we are exhausted.  

This coming week is transfer week, so it will be busy again.  I don't know why, but the elders are leaving on three different days this time, instead of the usual Wednesday with everyone.  I usually plan some kind of a meal for them and I don't know exactly how to work it this time.  On Monday, atleast, we will be taking the two elders at noon so we will just pick up some food for them on the way to the airport.

We wondered if Jacob had made his decision for sure to take the job on Salt Lake City.  We are so excited that they will be close.  It will be a challenging time to find a place to live that will work for them.  

One thing I did not mention was that we met three men from mainland China who attended church with us today.  They also have a cousin, a young woman here who wants to listen to the missionaries, so they are going to start taking the lessons on Tuesday.  They are really nice people, but they struggle with the language somewhat. The young woman speaks the best English and interprets for them.

Well, I don't have much else to tell you, except that we love all of you and pray for your success in all of your endeavors.  Love,  Mom and Dad

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