Sunday, March 17, 2013

Transfer Week

Dear Family,
This has been a fun week for us.  We sent 4 elders to other places and received 4 new ones.  Two of them are from Guyana, one from Cary Idaho,(and yes, he knows the Dilworth family) and the last one if from Mexico City, Mexico.  We didn't make all of the changes on Wednesday, though. We took two to the airport on Monday, picked up two and sent two on Wednesday, and picked up the last two on Thursday.  

For fun, we are helping the young adults in the district put on a play about the wickedest men in the Book of Mormon.  There is a jury and a judge and 4 criminals.  The jury decides who is the wickedest between Laman and Lemuel, King Noah, and Amaliciah.  They each sing a song bragging about their wickedness, trying to convince the jury that they are indeed the wickedest.  My responsibility was to write music for them to sing to.  Laman and Lemuel's song is from the music from Oliver, "You've got to Pick a Pocket or Two".  King Noah sings to the tune of "If I Were a Rich Man", and Amaliciah sings to the music of "Bad" by Michael Jackson.  At the end, they all sing together in the finale from the music of "Mary's Little Boy Child".  

For a challenge this week, the mission financial secretary in Trinidad is teaching Elder Beutler and I to send in our own financial reports to iMOS, so that he doesn't need to do it for us.  He is also having the couple in Barbados to the same thing.  The couples on the other Islands don't have as much to do finance-wise so they still turn it in to the main office.  It is a real challenge to do it, but like anything new that you do on a computer, once you learn it, you can save a lot of time later on.

We are expecting a somewhat quiet week at the office this week.  It never really turns out that way, but it is nice to think about, anyway.  We love and miss all of you.  Love, Mom and Dad

PS Amy congratulations on being an official Pohnpein missionary with your nametags and all.  We love your letters.  To everyone else, thanks from writing to us and to Amy as often as you do.  Aneesa, I loved the book boat video.  I can't believe that you have so many children's books.

Also, In case you haven't heard, Andrew and Ansley are expecting a new baby in July!

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