Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Dear Family,

We started the week observing a wake and going to a funeral for the son-in-law of our friends and new converts, Paul and Carla Ramsaywalk.  The funeral was different that anything we had ever been to before.  We did a short Christian program, then the Muslem leader talked for about 15 minutes, then several friends of the deceased walked by and sprayed perfume on the body, then the Muslem woman sang songs and the immediate female members of the family began weeping and wailing before the casket was closed.  

We went on to the cemetery and they opened that casket again and prayed over it before finally putting it in a tomb. There was a pretty dark feeling there because many of the Muslem men had been drinking and they were not very reverent.  It made us so grateful for the gospel and the knowledge which we have about life and death and the resurrection. 

This week we had celebrations in Guyana on three different days.  On Wednesday, the hindus have a celebration called Pahgwah, which is a celebration to welcome Spring.  The people go to the park with colored flour and throw it on each other.  The colors are to chase away the winter  gray. 

 Then, on Friday, Good  Friday, there is the Christian celebration.  I believe that the people who are Christians go to church that day.  Then instead of celebrating Easter on Sunday, they celebrate it on Monday, so that they can have another excuse to take off work.  

Traditionally, here, the people fly kites on the sea wall on Monday.  There are literally thousands of kites flown that day.  It will be fun to see.  We actually received a kite free, at the grocery store this week.  
To top of the week, on Friday the young adults performed their play, "The Wickedest Man in the Book of Mormon"  It was really fun and I think that the young people in the district became better friends by working together to produce the play.

Yesterday, we headed to Linden again to move mission furniture out of the house where the couple missionaries lived.  We currently don't have any missionaries serving there, so we closed up that apartment.  President Goodluck, the counselor in the mission presidency here, asked us to go to Linden a couple of times a month to help out with the branch and train the new Branch Presidency there.  That will be a real challenge to make that trip on Sunday.  We will have to get up and go by 7:00 in the morning because it is a 1 1/2 hour drive to church.  We won't be back until at least  2:00 in the afternoon.  I will have to tell the Primary sisters that I can't help regularly with Primary music like I have been in the past.

Dad has been helping with the young men, but lately, not so much, because the Branch Presidency has been going in to teach.  We were told that our main objective here is to train our replacements.  I guess that we need to let the leaders do the teaching more and more.

It was fun to skype with you this week-end.  It sounds like the Easter hot dog roast and hike was lots of fun.  We were so sorry to hear that Elias broke his leg this morning.  What a bad way to spend Easter Sunday.  Aneesa and Aaron,  we wish that we could be there to help out.  We are so thankful that you have Mary and Shawn there close by at times like that.

Amy,  we enjoy all of your letters and pray that your are finding joy in your associations with the people in Pohnpei.  Did you know that Samuel will be 7 and Mary is going to be 35 in two days.  Happy birthday to you, Samuel and Mary.  Also, Uncle Garth, Ione, and Ivan will have their birthdays this week also.  If you get a chance to email any of  them happy birthday, they would enjoy that.

Time to close now.  Love from Mom and Dad

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