Sunday, April 7, 2013

General Conference

Dear Family,

We thoroughly enjoyed General Conference this past week-end.  I remember that last fall, we saw very little of the Saturday session, because of power outages and internet problems, but this time, everything went smoothly and we were able to listen to all four sessions. 
We went to the church for three of the four sessions, so that we could visit with the members and there was a big crowd from the district.  It was a full house this morning and afternoon.  
The morning, we had an interesting conversation with a young Asian man who calls himself James.  He came to the church on his own this morning to hear about  the gospel.  The elders called us and told us to bring our Chinese Book of Mormon to conference.  We arrived a half hour before the session and Melvin taught him the Plan of Salvation lesson while we were waiting for the session to begin.

Last week, there was a young woman named Victoria who just showed up at church and said that she wanted to be baptized. She said that she had a brother in the United States who was a member.  So the elders are teaching her, too.  She said that her dad is Chinese.  She sat behind us and James and they struck up a conversation and exchanged phone numbers with each other.  It was a real coincidence that both have Chinese ancestry and both are interested in being taught without any referral or tracting on the part of the missionaries. 

James is from mainland China and is an electrical engineer working here in Guyana to build a hydro-power plant here to improve the electrical power in this area.  We are going with the elders tomorrow night to give him the first lesson.  

Blaine, congratulations on having a new grand-daughter. She is beautiful.  

Ione, thanks so much for the update on Garth.  We were so sorry to hear that he fell and hurt his knee. 

Rob and Brenda,  we hope that you are adjusting well to being in Cache Valley again.

Sheila and Dave, Happy Birthday in case we are not available on your birthdays this week.  

Love to all of you,  Melvin and Carol

PS-  Aaron and Aneesa, the joys of boys book arrived.  We have spent lots of time enjoying the pictures of all of you.  Thanks so much!

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