Sunday, April 28, 2013

Transfer Week

Dear family,

 Its seems like April has just flown by.  We have had a visit from Elder Cornish, the usual office work, transfer week, and now our mission president is here again for zone conference tomorrow. 

Dad and I just returned from a trip to Linden today to encourage the members there since they have no missionaries there at this time.  It is a long trip there and we come home pretty exhausted, but it is good to see the members.  They make you feel like angels from heaven.

We had an interesting experience with transfers this week.  A new elder came in on Friday all by himself from Trinidad.  His flight was supposed to arrive at 2:20 PM.  We received a call from him at 9:00 AM in the morning.  He was at the airport and had been waiting for us for a whole hour.  Dad drove out to get him.  

The thing that happened is that the AP's dropped him off at the airport with his papers and ticket.  Without even looking at his ticket, he went to the Carribean airlines instead of the Fiat airlines and boarded the plane going to Guyana.  I don't know why they let him on without a ticket.  When he arrived in Guyana, they made him pay $280 US before he could get off the airplane, because he hadn't paid for his ticket.  

The Fiat flight which he was supposed to get on was one that went first to Barbados and then to Guyana.   That is why we weren't expecting him until later in the day.  Anyway he did arrive safely, even if it did cost him dearly.  If he had just checked his itinerary  he would have saved himself some grief.

Rachel, thanks for sharing the pictures of the new kittens.  They are so pretty.  The mother cat looks like she is going to be a good mother.  

Aaron, thanks for sharing your Arizona experience, too.  That cactus was humungus.  Also, it was fun to see the house that Andrew and Aynsley are building.  They will be in the Clifton 1st ward when they move into that house.  

Amy,  congratulations on making it half way through your mission this week.  We are sure enjoying reading about your mission experiences. 

 Love to All of you,  Mom and Dad

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