Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rainy Season is Here Once Again

Dear family and friends,

We have been enjoying the cooler temperatures during the past two weeks as the rainy season began in earnest.  We had a fireside at the church last Sunday evening and the rain poured down so hard on the zinc roof that we could not hear what the speaker was saying.

Then, last  Monday was a little bit scary, because it was high tide season also.  Apparently, the ocean experiences a high tide for about a week at this time of the year because of the ice melting in the north and creating more water, just like the rivers in the mountains flooding when the winter snow melts in May and June.

We were traveling along the sea wall after our quarterly zone conference and we saw the waves splashing over the sea wall with a huge force.  It is times like this when I wonder why the people built this city below sea level.  One big leak in the sea wall and everything would be gone!
I need to mention another activity which is being organized for the young people here.  They have to take tests at the end of high school called CXC's.  If they pass them, they are eligible to go to trade schools which are paid for by the government to learn a trade.  If they do really well, they can get help at the University also.   

Many of our members have not taken their CXC's for one reason or another, so some of the qualified members are volunteering to teach them the classes once a week in the evenings, to prepare them for those tests.  One of the members, who is teaching the English made the comment at the fireside, "There is nothing so worthless as knowledge that cannot be recalled." 

I thought about that and then smiled because now that we are in our 60's, we have to be taught over and over in order to understand a new language or computer skills and such.  I sure hope that on resurrection morning, we will get it all back.

I just read Mary's letter and heard about Clancy Sears coming home from his mission.  Lisa, give him a hug from us.  Let him know that Amy is just getting the opportunity to become a trainer.  We can hardly wait to hear from her next week on Mothers's Day to see how things are going there. 

We are doing well.  We still are very healthy and count that as a blessing every day.  Our mission president has given us as senior couples the responsibility to go to ward council meetings and train the leaders there so that they can lead in the Lord's way.  They are coming along slowly and we are grateful for a church handbook to help in the training.  

We would love to hear from any and all of you,  Sincerely and With Love,  Elder and Sister Beutler

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