Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Activities

Dear Family,

It was good to hear from all of you during this past week-end.  I know that most of you did not get to talk to Amy.  She is looking really good, as you could see from the picture she sent of her and her new companion.  She said that her companion was a little bit  disgruntled because the houses in Kolonia were pretty run down compared to the ones in American Samoa. She called them slummy.  Amy wonders what she will think when she sees the huts in the bush. 

Thanks to all of you for the Mothers Day letters and cards.  I must admit that homesickness was bothering me on Saturday and Sunday.  I just miss all of you and the grandchildren, too. The letters really helped cheer me up! 

The district had a mother-daughter activity on Saturday evening which I attended for a couple of hours before a baptism.  Each branch performed a talent, either a skit, poem, or song.  It was fun to watch them and see the love that the girls had for their "Mommies".   I love that endearing term.  Even the parents of teenagers talk about their "mommies".  

On Sunday, we attended the Demerara branch, because Pres. Mehr wants us to start attending all of the branches to help train the leaders, instead of just the Georgetown Branch.  
During Relief Society,  the primary children came in and gave all the women bouquets of silk flowers.  Then the Priesthood brought food, (mostly dessert) for us to eat.  Then a couple of young women came in and recited a poem for us.  They really go all out for Mother's Day.

We spent the rest of the day (from 2 until 9) helping our elders skype their families.  It worked really well this time, except for the one elder who was talking to his family at 7:30.  The picture was bad and the sound was bad, so he just ended up having them call him instead.  I think his family has a poor internet server.

Now, today, we are back to business as usual.  We had to move our cars to the neighbors' driveway because the landlord hired a couple of guys to paint the fence around the house.  They figured that it could be done in a couple of days.  We will see.  Guyanese are not famous for working fast.

If anyone knows how the track team is doing, let us know.  We have not heard anything about them this year.  

We will talk to all of you later.  Love, Mom and Dad

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