Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weary in Well Doing

Dear Family,

 I've decided that three days of traveling outside of our usual routine is too much for this middle aged  woman.  I am in awe of how Melvin continues to have energy to go and go when I am exhausted. 
On Friday, we spent much of the day across the river in La Grange, helping the elders look for a new house to rent.  They were told by President Mehr to relocate closer to the chapel so they won't have to ride their bikes for a half hour just to get to the area where they do their tracting.

Then, on Saturday, we took one of the Elders to the airport because his visa had expired and we weren't able to get a new one for him.  Apparently, neither the Guyana or the Suriname government has good relations with Mexico, and the elder was from Mexico.  

When we checked him in at the airport, he had too much luggage and they charged him an extra $70 US for the luggage. It took over an hour to figure that one out, so it was an all day affair to get him there, and for us to come home.

Then, today we went on the 1 1/2 hour trip to Linden to visit that branch.  The mission couple who trains branch  presidencies about how to take care of the finances also attended and had a two hour meeting with the Branch Presidency to train them.

The Branch President has only been called for about 3 months, and he is really discouraged about his calling.  He says that he has lost many friends and some of the members think that he is unfair because he does not give them Church Welfare whenever they ask.  He is learning about the "loneliness of leadership".  Even his Relief Society President is mad at him and has quit coming to church.

The church is so young there.  Only one family in the branch  has been members for more than 4 years, and none of them have been to the temple, except two young returned missionaries from that one family.

The highlight of the Linden visit was that we were able to visit with Brother Featherstone, our good friend who Melvin was able to baptize a couple of months ago.  He is teaching the Gospel Doctrine class. He read about temple service as he was preparing his lesson and he had not understood before that he could do the work for his parents.

He said that he had the most warm feeling about  his own parents when he read that.  He realized that he wanted to do their temple work so that they could be an eternal family.  It was great to see him understanding that concept of the "hearts of the children turning to their fathers"  through the temple ordinances.

Well, as I said, I am pretty worn out from all of the travel, so I will check out for now.  Have a great week, all of you and thanks again for all the mothers day news.  

Love from Melvin and Carol

PS In case you haven't heard yet, Both the boys and the girls West Side Track teams won state this  weekend.  Go Pirates!

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